‘Internet’ Supervision

The great thing about technology and the internet is, you can be anywhere
in the world and be in contact. Anywhere in the world does not mean that
the contact will be of great qulity though!
I have been using the internet for supervision, while in Nepal.
I’ve been enabled to do this due to Kathmandu having a reliable power source
instead of the ‘power outages’ we had, which could last up to 5 or 6 hours a day.
No power, no internet!
Supervisees who have opted for internet supervision while I’m out of Ireland have
had varying responses to it. Some saying, there is no difference between face to
face and internet, others feeling it is different but not knowing how.
There are differences but if we both, visors and visees, accept there are differences
and meet these differences with openness, curiousity and honesty, then I believe
internet supervision is a viable and worthwhile option. It is about challenging our
attitudes to internet supervision and its advantages.
When I’m talking about internet, I’m talking about the ideal of visual and audio,
but at times due to technology and its challenges, we might have to use only audio
and sometimes even typing.

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