Becoming an trained Online therapist – and enhancing Supervision

I’ve successfully completed a CPD training in Online Counselling. From this I have ACTO membership level 1.
Acto – Assoc of counsellors & therapists online, UK

Although I have been working online for a number of years, like a lot of us I have been online exclusively since March 2020. A training in working online has given me more insights, more awareness, especially of the pitfalls of online work. This has greatly enhanced my work in supervision.

Supervision online is not the same as face to face although there are huge similarities. The need to be able to use technology and support supervisees to do the same, the need to be aware of the online world, the legalities, GPDR etc all add to the difference. While the actual tasks of supervision are the same, being online asks us as supervisors, to be more creative. We cannot use the same techniques in the same way as in f2f. In this I’m referring to sculpting, some artwork etc.

In training, again, being creative in delivery is called for. Having a good working knowledge of the online platform is essential or someone who supports you in that, there with you online.

Having briefly mentioned the differences, it’s still a great platform for supervision. The choice of supervisor expands, time spent in travel is gone and supervisors who might specialise in an area of your interest are more available.

I love the online work!

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