Super-Vision Training via Technology. Training online

Super-Vision Training has had to complete a radical change in a short space of time, like many other businesses and training institutions
We had just started this year’s course, having completed 2 days of the 16 day course.
It became evident pretty quickly that going online was to become the new norm. At this stage we have completed 2 further days of training online and so far so good.
The response from participants has been great and I do believe forgiving.
For my part as principal trainer I have had to do a lot more behind the scenes preparation for each days training. We have continued the same format for the day, experiential theory with exercises and discussion. Group supervision, skills practice and feedback. I’ve had to prepare for the day by forwarding the material a week ahead of time and giving precise detail on what we will be doing and in what order. I also provided a detailed contract on how to get the best from online and make it work for us. Each training day’s material contains an agenda for the day, again with exact details for the day, timings, how we will complete tasks…. Most importantly building in frequent breaks, as online can be more tiring.
What I believe has been really helpful for us all, is the expectation of myself and the participants is clearly set out along with clear details and instructions for the day. Everyone knows what they’re expected to do, when and how. This is Bordin’s working alliance (1979) in action, which has supported me as a trainer and I believe supported the course participants. Did Bordin ever envisage how his working alliance would be so important in a time of crisis! Maybe he did!

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