Working Remotely

Working online
I now realise its nearly 5 weeks since I did my first zoom supervision due to corona virus. It seems much longer than that even though the days are speeding past.
I have been working remotely for a number of years as well as f2f, so moving to total digital work was not a big jump for me.
I did have to change my home office from its admin workbase, which overflowed with paper, book cases and shelves to a room which is zoom friendly. Moving my large desk around until I got the lighting ok, so that the desk now stands in the middle of the room.
Using my previous experience working digitally, reading books, articles and research papers pertaining to working digitally, both counselling and supervision, I finally delivered the course I had been asked to write last summer.
Tele supervision – Introduction to digital Supervision, is now published on www.therapy and gives an introduction to working as a supervisor using digital technology. This as the name says is an introduction. There are many good books, which are referred to on the course plus some training courses which will develop further the skills of working digitally as a supervisor.

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